Sunday, January 31, 2010

Attempt #2

Freshly finished reversible apron (notice I'm sporting the lovely Tommy Hilfiger tunic sweater that I scored in Friday night's clothing swap)

I'm happy to report that round two went much better than round one! I still had to battle the bobbin, it was epic, but as a result of having fifty or so false starts, I think I'm approaching amateur status.

Far from perfect, this was my first attempt at touching something even resembling a clothing item, unless you count sewing on Girl or Boy Scout patches. As I worked my way through this project (that took much longer than the stated 1 hour) I did begin to gain some confidence in the technique involved. I also began to relax a bit and enjoy the process. Here's to baby steps!
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  1. So cute. I love it. Can we barter something so I can get my hands on one of these??

  2. @ D--Absolutely! This first one was pretty rough, but I think I'm getting this sewing thing under my belt. I started another project today which is going much more smoothly. Do you like the bright color/earthy mix? I'll whip one up for you :)

  3. I love the fabric you picked out. I'll trade you a couple hours of the boys sitting in exchange for one!

  4. wow...this is great !
    I do sew and I know these are not easy....personally, I'm more of a pillow and window treatment maker, but this is really wonderful and if february is nice to me, maybe I'll try something like this....worst case....if it doesn't turn out, i can always make it into a pillow :)

  5. Oh, it's adorable!
    Gorgeous fabrics, clever lady. I wish I could sew like that.

  6. Thanks for all of the nice sentiments ladies! I seem to have gotten the bug, I'm dreaming of new projects and things to learn:)

  7. Amy - yes, love the colors! I would be happy with whatever you have. What can I give you in exchange???

  8. So cute! If I'm gonna be in the kitchen, I really should look cute like you!



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