Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Things

Thanks to Christina at Soul Aperture today is a post dedicated to life's simple blessings. Today is very fitting as it is my birthday, I reflect and begin anew.

These are a few of the simple things that make me whole:

A breath of crisp air

A kindred spirit

Watching my kids in pure unadulterated play

Hula Hooping


Soft pillowy flannel sheets

Long discussions of dreams and goals with my dearest love

The aroma of fresh baked goods in the oven


Groovin' family dance night

A hot cup of tea



Sunrise, Sunset

The Road Not Taken

Please play along and share your simple things, just note this post so we can all share with you. As Christina closes her posts;
One Love
(that does say it all doesn't it)?
Thank You!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Fantastic photo and list of simple things.

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!!! I am doing the birthday dance, for you.
    I adore your list... It brings me back home, brings my heart back to comfort.

  3. Happy birthday to my dear, dear friend. You are such an amazing person.


  4. Hula hooping was one of my goals for this year. To remember how I use to do it. A lovely list and a lovely visit to your blog.
    Happy, happy birthday to you!

  5. First of all, to wish you a splendid birthday filled with joy and possibility, not just for the day but for the year to come!

    Your list is heart warming. Hula hooping just made me crack out a smile -- a left over joy from childhood that can't help but make you feel good!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday! A great way to start off your day with a wonderful list. Creating and discussions of dreams and goal with your love touched me deeply.
    PS. I also like your blog name.

  7. Let me add to the Happy Birthdays! I love the family dance night and hula hooping, great simple pleasures indeed.

  8. oh...what a beautiful list - dancing, happy, and positively lilting.

    now i want a hula hoop

  9. Thank you to everyone for the wishes. It has been a truly wonderful day sharing in so many simple things!

  10. Wow- I am not sure how I got here (I think through one of your fb post), but glad to have stumbled upon it! Not sure how often I'll be back bc we too have decided to simplify (and hopefully get back to the living part of life). For us, that includes limited computer time. So, I'll stop by again when I can : ) Now, as for "the simple things that make me whole"- hmmm. I guess for me, the simple things and the things that make me whole, although not mutually exclusive, are not necessarily the same. Although both make life worth living, the simple things add wonder, beauty and value to my life , but the things that make me whole, are my reason for life. As for the simple things- there are soooo many, tooo many to list here. But for what makes me whole- that's a completely different story. And here 'tis...The dimple in Drew's right cheekbone just below his eye that only appears when he smiles-it's like a secret message to me from God. Will's earlobes- possibly one of God's greatest masterpieces. The unblemished beauty and softness of James skin- if only I could bottle it. The feeling I get as Jim's clasped hand in mine turns to intertwine our fingers. The awestruck realization of God's constant presence in all of it- the simple things and the things that make me whole. Well, my day's worth of computer time has been all used up by this goobly glop (jk : ). Hope you had a wonderful birthday~jackie.

  11. Hula hopping! Perfect! Hope you had a great birthday!

  12. Happy, happy birthday. May your year be completely blessed. What a wonderful list. That silhouetted photo for this post made me gasp.



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