Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Complete Frivolity

Yesterday I found, and made a purchase of a much needed item. Last winter was very hard on my gloves. I learned the important lesson that one should never spread ice melt while wearing leather gloves. By the time my task was done, the gloves looked as though they would fit perfectly on a gnome. As a punishment for my stupidity poor choice, I squeezed my hands into the elf gloves for the remainder of the winter.

On an excursion yesterday with my mother and daughter, I came across the perfect pair of wool winter gloves. Where better a place, you might think, to find this item than in Southern California? I assure you these beauties will be the perfect warmth for me in our sub-zero temperatures.

Here's the part that completely excited me...they are Echo Touch gloves. They have a little patch on each thumb and forefinger so that I will have no need to take off my warm stylish gloves to access the touch screen on my iPhone! This was exciting not only to me, but the salesperson as well. We huddled around the display and played with my phone accessing applications with the touch patch and then without it, and giggling at how cool this was! Quite a funny sight, I'm thinking now, in retrospect, but one that I'm sure has played out many times with this item.

So while we use today to prepare for the real things to be thankful for, I leave you with this little bit of frivolity that made me happy yesterday.


  1. i'm so glad to learn you have an iPhone. because i was worried that in my longed-for simpler life, i might have to give that up (or have it pried from my cold, dead hands..) tho' if i had those gloves, they wouldn't be that cold, right?

  2. Quite warm as the high was 25 today and I was quite tosty! I need to think of a new word (balance doesn't quite seem to cut it) to explain my feelings on living a simpler life, but still keeping up and appreciating what's out there. Does that garble make sense??? ;)



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