Friday, September 4, 2009

They're Multiplyin'

I know I've been remiss in posting this week. It's been a crazy back to school week for all of us! One bit of quick news.... We harvested the onions today! This has been quite an adventure for us, having never tried to grow them before.

We planted 90 plants. 30 of each of three kinds: Yellow of Parma, Australian Brown & Long Red Florence. The Red onions are fairly small and delicate and sadly only about half of what we planted survived. Now for the harvest.... Drum Roll Please..... We harvested 76 of the Parma & Australian's and 16 of the Red. Now if my math is right, that's 92 produced out of the 90 planted and the 75 that survived transplant. They're Multiplyin' (picturing John Travolta in Greece singing this line)!!! We had several doubles!

Once pulled out they need to set out to cure for a little bit, but can't get wet in rain or heavy dew (which every morning seems to have here). So we've moved them to the basement. I thought our next step was figuring out how to braid them into usable and decorative onion ropes, but that process may be upstaged by a need to come up with another back up plan. You see I just moved them indoors about 10 minutes ago and the whole basement is being permeated with the aroma of onion. As the bulbs multiplied so too has their perfume, overtaking, I mean filling our house with scent. We'll see if we need to pitch tents tonight, stay tuned... Happy weekend!

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