Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hostess with the Mostess

We love to entertain. I enjoy planning for the formal soiree, but we always let our friends know that we like to capture that college like freedom of just stopping by and creating the impromptu party. And then of course there's the in-between, planned for yet casual.

I aspire to do cool paper invites like these from Martha Stewart, but what seems to work best in this connected age is the eVite (which works great and I love as well).

We had our first Belle City Veterinary Hospital staff BBQ last night and it was a lot of fun. It's the first time since 2001 that we had the entire staff over. I wonder what took us so long to do a repeat? Well we've got the space now which helps!

Our Buffet table centerpiece dotted with fresh tomatos from the garden, and newly picked apples with a banner compliments of Sidney

You can count on two things at our Bonfire gatherings. There will be a group always around the food, and one always around the fire.

This is virtually the end of my usable pictures. Which brings me to a great blogger debate.....Canon or Nikon.

I've loved my Canon Rebel XTi, but get aggravated at how difficult it is to take photos after dark. It just won't respond. So that's a strike against it, though it has taken beautiful photos in all other circumstances. I faced off with Isaiah and his Nikon last night. I'm sure he won since my Canon turned into a pumpkin once dark! What pros & cons have you experienced?

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  1. nikon, nikon, nikon!!!! nikon rocks the color. however, if you have a canon already, perhaps you already have canon lenses, in which case, not good to switch. but i completely and totally adore both my nikons - i have a D60 and a D300. and the only brand i'd move to is Leica, but since i feel i need both my kidneys, i'm sticking with nikon.



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