Monday, September 28, 2009

The Homework Tango

Queue it up....can you hear it? Those melodic tones? It's the beginning bars of the homework tango. The newest contestant is Charlie the amiable 6 year old first grader, newly introduced to the concept.

What does this masterful dance entail? "Oh it's so long." " I don't wanna." "Can I finish it next day?" Hem haw, hem haw. All of this with encouraging interjections from loving parents: "you've got a word done buddy?" "Ooooh those letters look great!" " You could have been done by now if you'd just keep at it!" This goes on for 30 minutes. Keeping in mind he has 4 spelling words (3-4 letters in length) to write 10 times.

There is no reasoning with a school fatigued, homework avoider. Guess what makes the tired one even more unhappy?? Taking pictures!

Now Sidney isn't immune to the homework tango, at her age though, she just is more masterful in her excuses that become so elaborate that in the time taken to tell the tale, she could have completed the work.

I guess I deserve it though. I distinctly remember doing the tango myself! (mom laugh here :)

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