Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling a Bit Squirrely

It's amazing how wonderful the weather has been. We've had just beautiful days in the low 80's and nights in the upper 50's, sunny and beautiful. It's so busy for us here trying to preserve all of our garden goodies. I feel a bit like a squirrel, constantly stashing supplies away for winter, yet wanting to play in the sunshine.

We've begun visualization and work on the room in the back of the basement where we've been storing food. It's transformation into an official root celler is upon us. Since the weather has been damp with fog and heavy dews in the morning, we brought in the callypso beans to hang dry in the basement. What a perfect place, with the dehumidifier running they completely dried out in a snap and we harvested them today.

We also bought a food dehydrator this weekend, tested it out and it's been running ever since. Wow the tomatos and zucchini turn out fantastic! We're looking forward to trying to turn some our our apple picking into fruit roll ups and chips.

Finally, we weren't sure if the christmas beans were going to have enough time to fill their pods. We tested a couple and look like at least some of them will complete and be beautiful! The kids loved looking at them and Charlie immediately began talking about them being his magic beans. He went right out to plant them to grow his beanstalk! :)

As much as we love our garden and increasingly efficient lifestyle, the weekend was filled with playing outside, soccer games, dance lessons, and finished with a wonderful finale that was seeing U2 last night. Is that balance or what?!

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  1. Fruit leather can be made with many different types of fruit, I especially like apricot. Enjoy



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