Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Season's, They Are A Changin'

Photo: Fall 2008

I wake up early this morning and it's crisp. There's a sense of renewal in the air. Yes, I know, Spring is the time for renewal, after a long winter. But, guess what? Fall is too. Even though summer's here are never long, they happen and are distinct. You know when the hours start to shorten ever so slightly, you catch a hint of color at the top of a favorite tree or you see a whole new bloom of flowers, that Fall is upon us.

In fact the Fall renewal, to me, is even more profound. Throwing open the windows after warm and muggy days to the fresh crisp air that cleans the house. The school year is getting ready to start and is full of excitement and promise, a feel of starting over. There's the sense of urgency in coaxing the last ripening and then harvesting of the outdoor bounty before the first frost. Spending hours outside enjoying and preparing the yard before winter sequesters us.

Fall is a time for cleaning, harvesting, storing, traditions, apple picking with dearest friends, hot cocoa or cider, leaf collecting, final nights before the bonfire, baking , crisp new calendar's ready to be filled and mums. Fall is beautiful color, jumping in leaves, wind, decorating, scary stories and costumes. Fall is family, friends, giving thanks, but most of all fall is renewal.

Happy Fall!

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