Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking Up Into Trees

It's an overcast, breezy, pre-fall day. There's that bit of crispness in the air and it's not humid, so the windows in the house are wide open and everything feels fresh.

Our property is fairly wooded and it can be just musical on a day like today, closing your eyes and listening to the rustle of the wind blowing through the trees, like waves crashing on a beach. Many of these have been here for a generation or more. When you look- up into them you can sense the wisdom and experience of our land that they have. They have seen many a drought or blizzard. Been climbed on by numerous children; an activity that never goes out of style whether it be Baby Boomer, X'er, or Gen Z, the iGeneration. They have been grazed under by livestock and slept under in hammocks. The squirrels fly from branch to branch and the tree-frogs and locusts have a nightly concert.

The kids have been running bear footed all morning and enjoying the day. They are now upstairs playing with friends here for the much anticipated sleep-over. So I'm taking this quiet moment and am wistful, while enjoying the sounds of the season changing, before the hustle and bustle of Fall begins.

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