Friday, August 14, 2009

Lessons in Patience

It doesn't seem to matter how old I get, when there's something new and shiny that I want, I feel like a kid at Christmas. As a result gaining a purer understanding of when our kids Really Really want something. Do you remember that feeling as a kid? Can't get it off of your mind, working every angle trying to make it happen? PATIENCE

Brian and I have wanted iPhone's since they first came out and we resisted. Waiting for the price to come down, waiting for newer versions to make sure the bugs were worked out, waiting for existing contracts to end. PATIENCE

Well the decision day finally came, we bit the bullet, went into the store and bought them. Of course they were out of the ones we wanted so had to be ordered. PATIENCE

I spent some time last weekend and organized, painstakingly, my iTunes play list (very fun, by the way, to listen to tons of old music you forget about when you've got 7500+ songs on shuffle). I updated my iCal & Contacts and was ready to go when we plugged those beauties in....

The day came this week and with much excitement I plugged in......what?? iTunes isn't recognized, hmmm. I sleep on it, convinced that I'll just call Mark in the morning and he'll lead me through a simple push of a button and figure it out.

It's amazing what occurs to you in that moment, that plane between deep sleep and awakedness. I bolt up and run down stairs. We had a huge storm Sunday night, took out some major trees, no power for hours. Oh no, please, please, please. Yup, no power to the external hard drive. It fried during the storm!

So as I wait for the trusted IT people we use at work to extract our beloved tunes, I must again be patient, waiting for the "Our House" ring tone that I lovingly formatted while awaiting my iPhone. PATIENCE

But remember, words to live by...Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

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