Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Place

I love my busy life.  I seem to thrive on sheer activity.  But I find myself looking wistfully back to vacation as I've now completed by first day back to work post-travels.  When you find true relaxation and relish family time unencumbered by daily activities and commitments, you don't realize what a true gift it is until life, somewhat in a surreal slow motion, kicks back up to play and sometimes even to fast forward.  

With the day coming to a close, I've accomplished a ton and am catching a glimpse of how the calendar will look with the upcoming school year soon to begin.  I look forward to fall and all of the richness the season has to offer (it's my favorite), but am thrilled too that I have vivid memories that I can go back to on those hectic days so I  can find center and balance. 

What is your 'happy place?'  It can be one place or several snippets in time when you've found pure relaxation and peace.  I love being able to sit down, and just observe the kids, being kids, trying to capture some of that youthful exuberance & wonder myself.

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