Saturday, August 22, 2009

Double Take

I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow's canning day. My friend Karri and I are canning the monster cucumber harvest, that we couldn't consume fresh without receiving it intravenously. We are transforming them into bread and butter pickles and doing round 1 of pesto making/freezing from the garden basil.

I was searching cookbooks for recipes and found it curious that fully half of my cookbooks are vegetarian. I got a chuckle from one entry in Almost Vegetarian about Cucumbers from a Dr. Johnson: "A cucumber should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, and thrown out as good for nothing." As I try to get a handle on this tasty veggie that really has a limited life and limited options I had to laugh at this one.

Not so hard as I'm laughing now, yeah right, laughing at the fact that I made (or the store made) a major boo boo in my shopping. I didn't find it out of course until I was reviewing the picture to post in this blog and beginning my writing thought process. I did a double take at the picture, then ran to the items. The first item lined up on the shelf was for my beloved bread and butter pickles. Apparently the other three behind were not (see the kosher dills above).

P L E A S E! It's not that hard, stack them right! This is the second time in as many weeks that I've come across this. It's my fault too, of course, for not checking each item in line that they matched (regardless of them matching the shelf tag). Ahh well back to the store.

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  1. Was so much fun! But I'm glad you caught it - the homemade bread and butter pickles are amazing. I've already been digging into my "Eat Me" jar :)




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