Sunday, July 12, 2009

Work, Play, Love, Open The Proverbial Can of Worms

Brian and I have always been very committed to each other.  We enjoy our time and find that we are each other's most trusted and valued confidant.  Some said we should be committed when we bought the business and began working together too.  All aspects of our life, family, play and livelihood are intricately woven together and I can't imagine having it any other way.  There have been many nights over the years where we'll lay awake planing, and will be so energized by the plans, that even having had no sleep didn't make us too tired the next day at work!

We dream big and we seem to jump into many a can of worms with both feet.  Whatever we do, we do it ourselves and take great joy in the hard work and the accomplishments.    
I'm thinking of this all today as Brian has begun another gargantuan task. The re-building of the drive to a portion of the barn, lowering the grade and replacing the floor.  It's been a project in process since the beginning of the summer, but since his accident, been left to idle.  Now it's of the utmost importance to complete, as we need to get the boat out for the lake trip and it's being held hostage about 4 feet above grade right now.

I can think back to every house we've owned (tally at 5 and I'm done counting, we're staying here)!  Each house has had massive yard projects that friends and family have thought we were crazy to do ourselves.  Aside from many farm improvements and  landscape jobs of every shape and size, one in particular stands out.  

When we lived in Vegas, our second house had a good sized lot.  We decided to put in a large, virtually pool deep, terrace with steps down into a garden and a small pond.  Keeping in mind this was yet another job where there was need for a large tractor.  The landscape was sand and rock and we were working in 110 degrees.  We got it done and it was beautiful and quite an accomplishment. 

 I went back several years later to take a peak.  I figured whoever lived there now would have filled it in, or put in a pool.  It was still there and  covered in the now mature vegetation that we had lovingly hand picked and planted years before to fit into a lush desert xeroscape.  And yes the desert left in it's natural state is incredibly lush and beautiful!

Our life is peppered with dreams, ideas, ambitions, hard work, accomplishments and most of all our family, love and each other.  I hope our kids learn from us that with hard work, determination and a can of worms they can reach their dreams too.


  1. you guys are an amazing couple - I love "team Ray" :)


  2. i can totally relate to husband and i have actually talked about that these big dreams are what has kept us who we are...and kept us from a seven-year itch (it's now been 10 still no itch in sight).

    thanks for stopping by our little project blog and leaving a comment so that i found your blog.




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