Friday, July 3, 2009

Babette's Feast, Buffalo Exchange & Bike Lanes

We're enjoying our California vacation immensley. We have accomplished some of our favorite things, the 3 'B's'. We ate an al fresco breakfast in Belmont Shore at Babette's Feast, a great little french bistro. Then we proceeded to our favorite second had shop Buffalo Exchange, and enjoyed digging through the new and recycled clothing. Finally as we're walking back to the car I see the Bike Lane. Amazing, and different since the last time we were here. It's the whole right lane designated for bicycles and the cars must go around them! Fabulous!

The weather has been beautiful and we're preparing today for an outdoor family 4th BBQ. Great stuff I love getting ready the deviled eggs, bean salsa, and pasta salad. We're doing it Wisconsin style and are introducing the family to beer bath brats with onions, yum!

The kids have been inseparable with Grandma and Papa and Sid has gotten to swim her little heart out. Charlie has been a great sport and doing well finding things to do despite his cast. And of course the endless viewing of Buffy with Grandma. In fact they've designated the room where they watch it the "Buffy Cave". I guess that's the 4th 'B'!!

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  1. sounds like a good trip! so glad you are all having fun - we'll miss you tomorrow.




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