Saturday, June 27, 2009

Typical Saturday

This morning as we were working, I started to see our accomplishments in intervals, kind of like the interval training you do at the gym.  The snapshots in time to our typical Saturday.......

Mowing...(which is probably 4 of our 6 acres)

Picking up branches


Farm Improvments

Cool Libations, having completed all of this by noon

Having fun in the sunshine

Life is good, just a lot of work!

And now on to the afternoon......


  1. Oh the libations! Sierra Nevada Torpedo has been impossible to find around here lately. I am honored to be on your blogroll, will put you on mine! Cheers!

  2. Thanks so much Deb! I'm new to this and am loving every minute!!

  3. Where did you get that cool Ray Farm sign? It's awesome! Love, Ma

  4. We love it! It was a house warming gift from our realtor.



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