Monday, June 29, 2009

....and the Kitchen Sink

We saw a great article in Mother Earth News magazine that discussed an outdoor veggie garden prep station. What a great way to save the kitchen from all of the dirt! So in a little hint of poetic irony, we have added the kitchen farm sink from our since defunked kitchen at the other house to the garden for said prep.

The garden is flourishing. As you can see the peas are just about ready for harvest! These are the blue shelling peas and we'll let those dry out on the vine so we can use them for soups this winter. I know, I know, speaking about next winter in our window of beautiful summer weather should be considered treasonous.

All of the late summer harvest plants are doing well and begining to take on some girth. Potatoes and tomatoes have started to blossom. The cucumbers, and various squash will soon be in need of trellis'. The beans (lazy housewife & yellow wax) have sent runners up to the top of our 7 foot trellis, I can's wait until we can start munching.

We're headed out of town this week on vacation, but I'm bringing the USB port to link up my camera and will see if I can post a couple of times while we're away. Sending out a big thanks in advance to Karri & Keith for working on pea harvest while we're away!!


  1. The flowers on your pea vines look like, well, sweet peas! Do they smell like the peas we grow for the scent? Love your blog; it's nice to have two writers in the family!! Love, Mom

  2. Sorry for the delay mom. I thought I'd responded to this already. They look just like sweet peas. Sadly no beautiful scent. Thanks!! Love Ya!



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