Saturday, May 23, 2009

On my honor I will try....

We just got back from the year end Brownie overnight at Trefoil Oaks.   I never dreamt it was possible to complete so many projects in 18 hours.   We built a shelter, made tacos in a bag, did tie dye shirts, made and decorated do-rags, made ice-cream in a bag, made ribboned hair bands,  made breakfast (thanks to Paige) painted and decorated with acrylic paint 190 nails, made trail mix, went on a scavenger hunt, made autograph picture frames and had their year end badge ceremony (take breath now).  The girls had a blast and they were so good (truly, you learn to completely block out 19 girls screaming and running around at once)!   The success of this was all thanks to some very dedicated moms who with Melina and I braved the madness; thanks Paige & Melissa!!!

When I was in labor with  Sid I distinctly remember thinking to myself is this so bad that I wouldn't do it again (you know, because everyone says you forget the pain... yada, yada, yada)? Well of course you all know my answer to that ;}  But I found myself thinking the same thing last night on this first overnight adventure as a Girl Scout leader..... I'll be there next year!

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