Monday, May 25, 2009


What a wonderful weekend!  I'm sitting here looking out the window at the kids running around and playing like banshees.  We accomplished a ton and enjoyed a ton, what a fantastic combination.  We got the rest of the garden in & the fence repaired and cleaned up the last of the clearing projects for the season.  Brian and I had a 'date night' and went downtown, had dinner at Ivanhoe and went to see Racine Theatre Guild's rendition of Godspell (Brian was a real trooper for me on this.  He did drama in high school too, but is NOT into musicals).  Then we took the kids to see Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian.  We are now preparing for our first Kickball practice.  Yes that's what I said, Kickball.  We joined a co-ed adult league here in town with a group of friends and are looking forward to having some fun, w/ striped knee highs and all!  (oh yes, this is all post Brownie Troop overnight on Friday ;)

The drink of choice that has taken root this weekend have been snakebites.  This was a favorite of mine when I lived in England and had forgotten about it until recently.  There's been a fair amount of reminiscing this weekend too.  From the Snakebites, to Godspell (the first high school play I was involved with), to hearing from my High School drama teacher through facebook (crazy the same weekend I had tickets to Godspell).  It's been a great start to summer!

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