Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate

**Warning, this turned into a long post!

We're finally going to do it.  We're getting the last of our belongings moved over from the other house.  I'm not sure why we've waited so long.  Is it the cost, or have we just held on to the old neighborhood a little more by keeping some of our stuff there?  Over the last almost two years, I think we've found we can hold onto the neighborhood without being there.  So the final chapter of the move is being written.  

In planning for the remaining big stuff to be moved over, we're re-arranging the kids rooms.  Sidney has been desperately wanting a forest/rain forest room.  So I sold to her the wall towers of my old bedroom set (that is dark Cherry wood) will look like large tree trunks---re-use.  I can then make large green frondy pillows to put on top and make look like trees.  Hook, line, sinker.  We're on our way.  

A funny aside...I went to Sid's violin lesson at school yesterday.  We were discussing the new room and she was talking about playing at being a vampire and hunting animals in the forest.  The little boy (Logan)  said ahh you're a vegetarian vampire!  For those of you who understand this thread,  I had to bust up laughing!  8 year olds with their vampire lingo down!

Charlie, gets something too.  The kids have been sharing the dis-assembled bunk bed set, so now Charlie gets the bunk beds to make his intergalactic fort under.  He also gets Sidney's old dresser---re-use.  Now that's the best piece of furniture I've ever bought!  It began as Sid's changing table, then Charlie's changing table, then Sid's dresser, now Charlie's dresser AND it still looks great!

We found some cool old retro curtains in the barn from God knows how long ago.  They're a wild print and we've tried to incorporate them somewhere in the house and they just don't quite go.  Now they do look a bit rainforesty!  Sid loves them and they fit perfect on her windows, maybe they were there many moons ago----re-use.

It is amazing to me how easy it is to find new life from your old stuff or old stuff you find.  In theory, nothing left at the old house we should need now 2 years later.  In fact it should be donated, right?  Well there's a new life for the old stuff, which by the way most of we've had since we were kids.  Moral of the story....Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Redecorate!

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