Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quiet Little Bulldog....

Sidney never ceases to amaze me. Is she my little mother hen to all, or is she my little bulldog? Her teacher has dubbed her the 2nd grade's own social worker. She's always trying to help resolve conflicts on the playground, or stick up for the little guy. On the flip side of that she's very quiet and reflective and seems to be very shy. I'm learning however that the shyness must just be in new situations and around grown-ups.

This morning, that little guy was Charlie. I once again confronted him on wearing his glasses in school. He just doesn't want to do it. He only needs to wear them in class and I know they'd help tremendously. But there is one boy who makes comments about him when he has his glasses on, so he won't do it. Well, Sidney wants him to point the kid out to her so that she can have a talk with him and straighten things out.

I let Sid know that I think it's wonderful that she's so helpful and protective, but she's going to have to let Charlie resolve this on his own. We've discussed it and he know's what to do. I also challenged him to look around the school at the kids he knows and notice if they in fact also wear glasses. I think he'll be surprised. Besides, his personality is MUCH larger than a small Harry Potter-esque pair of glasses.

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