Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blasted Helicopters

I was just enjoying the end of a beautiful afternoon.  80 degrees at 6:15.  Kids fed.  So I go out to peruse any new sprouts in the garden.  It's a nightly ritual of ours and I'm solo this evening, so I'm doing a little extra weeding.  Most of the weeding to date is pulling out little buck thorn trees that sprout and threaten all of the veggies.  It's cloudy, we might get some rain tonight.  Suddenly, a big gusty wind comes up and it drops about 15 degrees.  Then I hear it and look up.  It looks like a blizzard of maple helicopters flying my, and the gardens, way.  Its really whipping around and I'm pelted in my short sleeves with these little beasts, that once were pretty flowers and in a few weeks will be the bane of my garden existence as I start to pull them.  Grrrr......

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