Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Jargon #atozchallenge

grab a cup of java as you read this post on jargon ;)

We have all had experiences with jargon.  Whether it be in your professional life, hobby life or among other parents there is a feeling of almost comfort to slip into a conversation where you talk the talk.

I had an interesting discussion with Charles on the way to school this morning.  There was some news story on the radio that referenced WWF and Charles asked what it stood for.  When I told him, he said 'that's ridiculous, why do they use initials, it is just as easy to say World Wrestling Federation!'  I laughed and lightly came back 'yes, this from the boy who routinely says BRB in a non-text conversation!'  This got me thinking about our ever rushed lives and how terms meant for brevity in the texting world have spilled over, affecting how we communicate both in person and digitally.  A huge pet peeve of mine as a business owner is receiving an inquiry for a position through email in a very recognizable text format with no concern for even minor formalities.  I am all for efficiencies and a very laid back person in general, but I hear myself with the granny 'back in my day' voice when I see this.

I wonder if all of the abbreviation in an attempt to simply get form A to B faster ultimately sets us up for an ever more rushed existence, and a further numbing of attention spans.  Is the way the jargon of our time is evolving worth what we lose in the quality of our communications?


  1. I absolutely agree — jargon can cause all sorts of problems in the workplace or outside it, especially when the speaker assumes a more in-depth understanding of the field than the listener really has! I work in tech, where this is extremely evident. It's definitely worth taking the time to spell things out, in order to ensure successful communication.

    Hillary | www.flinntrospection.com

  2. I know some text jargon but usually can't even bring myself to use it even in an actual text. I've adopted a few, but haven't warmed up to the rest.

    Weekends In Maine



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