Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter's Arrival

With our Spring-like winter thus far, it was nice to wake up this morning to a light dusting of snow clinging to the landscape of the homestead.  Do not let the clear sky and bright sun rising fool you. Today, for the first time this season our temperatures are falling and it is truly cold.  It was a perfect morning for moving slowly and binge watching a little Mozart in the Jungle.

The girls have been completely non plussed by the ice turned slush on the ground this week.  They love to root around in it to the dirt below.  With frigid temperatures forecast for most of the next week B and I mucked out their indoor pen yesterday and bedded it down with a couple of bales of fresh dry straw.  I have got to say it was good to be back out in the yard doing something physical.  We are months from the growing season, but it was nice to have a big job to get the heart pumping.

There were lots of happy pig sounds when they were let back in and started to spread out and roll in their new straw.  I swear pigs are really just 400 pound dogs!  We will be inseminating Mabel in about two weeks, so once spring truly is here there will be babies on the farm!

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  1. Looking forward to Mabel's impending good news!



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