Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January Randoms

Is it just me or is it already flying?  Even though it is the first week of January, life just didn't miss a beat.  School is back in session, work busy, spring soccer practice started; it really feels like we hit the ground running.  In the last few days a flurry of invitations and RSVP's for events over the next several months are already filling the calendar!

The winter TV season is just starting and I felt child-like excitement with the airing of Sherlock and of course Downton this past weekend.   B and I also just started watching an Amazon exclusive Mozart in the Jungle...if you have not heard about this or seen it yet, do it.  Definitely binge worthy!

For this year's Goodreads reading challenge I let up on my expectation of myself a bit.  In 2015 I started the year fairly strong, but then transitioned to reading a few more biographies and histories which I just can't seem to get the fire to read fast.  I am hoping to finish those that I have started this month, then get lost in some good historical fiction again.

With our trip to Spain coming up, I keep looking for different ideas to make the travel easy, so we can immerse ourselves. It's just the list maker and planner in me.  Do I bring my DSLR or rely on my iPhone 6?  It seems like that should be a no brainer until I think about carrying it around and getting it in and out of my bag.  Decisions, decisions....and total first world problems, I know.  I did find the most perfect bag on a crazy good sale at year end.  The Jetsetter Mini Convertible Backpack, came earlier this week, and it exceeded my expectations.  The perfect size, roomy but not too big and it converts from a backpack to a cross body and can easily be used as a shoulder bag too.  I am glad that I took advantage at it when it was on sale or I would never have even looked at it.

In December after over 20 years of contemplation I got my first tattoo!  I know, crazy hugh!?  My SIL was in town so able to come with me.  Sidney drew the artwork and I was able to incorporate each of the kids signatures.  Very special and I love it!!

Well I suppose that is enough randomness for this morning.  Has your January kicked off as fast as mine has?

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