Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wrapping up and Getting Cozy

We have been fortunate to have an Indian Summer since last Sunday, and it appears that today will be the last hurrah before the cooler temps and wet weather returns, I suspect for the duration.   This week has been about drying out from last weeks rain, leaving the fleece at home, and a last few days in flip flops.

We have spent spare moments basking in the warm fall sun, coming at us from that lower angle that makes everything golden.  Last weekend we finished a little winterizing in the pig barn giving the girls a new heated water tank.  We will begin our massive mowing and debris collection today to make next seasons compost.  We will also utilize our time this weekend to finish buttoning up the garden.  Yesterday afternoon we harvested our first horseradish.  It is a very cool plant that will come back from the remnants of root that we left in the ground.  I do not think I have smelled anything so striking as the fresh horseradish!

Sidney has been brainstorming and doing much of our cooking as late and has started to meal plan with me on Sundays for the week ahead.  Last night we made flat bread pizzas.  The dough is simple and delicious, you just need to plan a bit for it so that you leave yourself time to let it rise.  Once the bread was made, we each came in and smothered it in our toppings of choice and them baked them in the oven.  I must say that spicy mango chutney is the perfect base for a pizza!

Yesterday I got a book in the mail written by a blogger that I follow called The Year of Cozy.  I have just begun to page through it, but it is full of great recipes, crafts, and homemade projects by month/season that are all about slowing down and enjoying each day.  I think it will be the perfect inspiration as we head into the holiday season.


  1. Thank you for the link to the book! We have been enjoying much the same weather.

  2. That flatbread looks lovely! As do the eggs... our layers have been dormant for quite a while and we're missing the beautiful fresh eggs!



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