Friday, July 31, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 87

After a busy week of work and then afternoons running errands and hanging out with Sidney, yesterday afternoon was perfect for some down time.  I sorted and and organized a stack of papers that have been piling up, while wrapped up on the couch re-watching episodes of the X-Files.  Sid (and I) are anxiously anticipating the re-boot that will be out early next year, she is not sure how she is going to adjust to Scully having long blond hair!  Isn't it funny how characters in both books and digital form become imprinted on our minds?   I also spent some time playing with my camera while contemplating catching the blue moon.  During the height of multiple photography projects several years ago, I was able to dial in some beautiful moon shots, which sadly have eluded me since.  I can not for the life of me duplicate the settings that I used then, and of course did not write them down, thinking oh, how easy, no brainer.....yep, right!  That is something that apparently did not imprint on my mind :)    Overall, an afternoon of finding happy moments in simple tasks.

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