Thursday, June 18, 2015

Skunk Grove

As I mentioned in my #100HappyDays post today, the cool weather crops are doing quite well.  I posted a picture on Facebook yesterday of our first harvested head of Napa Cabbage that got quite a few comments, one reminding me where we lived.

Some have called our town the sauerkraut capitol of the world, though I am sure this is hyperbole, the original name for our town was Skunk Grove, an homage to the fact that it was once  the home of Franks Kraut Company and you could smell the sauerkraut for miles around as it was fermenting.  Subsequently, we became Franksville.

WI is one of the largest cabbage producers and when it is harvest time you know when a field has been picked and the rest left to compost into the soil! There must be something extra special in our Franksville soil to happily grow such gorgeous heads of cabbage.  We used our first head to make a ginger lime slaw, and are anxious to start our first batch of kimchi over the next few days.

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