Saturday, June 20, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 46

Charles turned twelve Mothers Day weekend, but was at a soccer tournament, so decided to have his birthday party when the weather was (should be) warmer, and we hopefully had the pool in.  Since he was old enough to walk he could be found trying to scale every tree he could reach.

Not every birthday party comes complete with pigs!

I would expect nothing less than vibrant imaginations creating wrestling games on the trampoline.

Though the pool was put in and filled only yesterday and our temperatures have been cool at best, nothing was stopping these boys from jumping in and initiating the pool.  The looks on their faces when they hit the water were priceless.  They lasted about 20 minutes before they came in the house shivering, and ready for ice cream cake.  

Twelve year old birthday parties, a very happy spot in an otherwise hectic day.

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