Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hot Stuff--A Video Experiment

Composting is an important component of life on the homestead.  It is a great recycler of waste into the most beautiful soil.  We use it to top dress and amend all of our garden beds, around trees, berries, and anything else that we want to see flourish.  We were able to amp up our abilities to compost a couple of  years ago when we got the tractor.  Before then, B would hand turn the compost regularly with a pitch fork, work that he would have to set aside full days to accomplish.  Now with a few minutes and the front loader it is turned and shifted thoroughly and as a result we are able to do much more.  On Saturday, after some nice rain last week, he turned it for the third time this season.  Yesterday you could see the steam coming off of it from across the yard, so he decided to do a little experiment to illustrate just how hot compost can get.  The clips also illustrate how B spends a day when he's off of work and I'm not. :)

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