Thursday, February 19, 2015

Changin' Times and Distractions

Times, they are a changin'.  Never a dull moment in our household, always something to shake it up a bit.  This week has led to family introspection, and the decision to have the kids change schools next year.  A big decision, but one leaving the kids with smiles.  The boy child seems to be all set, and eager to meet up once again with his posse of friends.   While we have a few options for Miss Sid and high school,  she is putting a lot of thought into her application questions for a magnet school that is her first choice, and we will hope those thoughtful answers allow her to shine and nudge her way forward.  Fingers crossed!

Trying to figure out the best things for your kids, especially when it involves a shake up, is stressful.  It amps up the nervous energy as I get answers for a plethora of questions, acquire the proper paperwork, and hurry up to wait as things begin to fall into place.  It seems this is the routine for any big change and during those times I appreciate a good distraction.

If you just want to smile watch this!

Check out this innovative urban growing...if you can spare $75,000!

A little bit about The Girls Who Drink Whisky

This five ingredient Pot De Creme recipe is as delicious as simple.

An interesting little group of links that I have been collecting this week.  Laughter, creative solutions, whisky and chocolate....some of my favorite things!

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