Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gotta Love Fall Weekends

What a difference a few days makes!  We had a beautiful weekend, temperatures reaching 70 made it perfect for being outside and working diligently on the fall cleanup.  It was a weekend of:

fallen branch collecting

pancetta starting

volleyball playing

hamburger grilling

compost moving

leaf jumping

and pudgy pie making

Thankfully we got a big chunk of the work done last weekend, as this weekends highs are predicted to be in the low 40's, and windy with the possibility of a few wet snow showers!  Gotta love these late fall weekends!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful Fall post. Pancetta looks awfully good.
    And love the volleyball photo - such nice natural lighting.. none of our gymnasiums have windows. And speaks to me, as we're just beginning our volleyball journey - Lilly just had her first season of elementary volleyball..a learning/fundamentals season, but they played a couple of games at the end. She's super proud to have accomplished the overhand serve!
    I slipped on ice for the first time this evening. Fall has withered and we're starting to feel wintery. Thankful for those nice work weekends here, too!



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