Friday, March 14, 2014

Random 5 Friday~ The Dells

We took a mid week excursion this week, to do something for the kids' split spring break.  For this week's random 5, I thought I would do a brief re-cap.

1.  Mid-week vacations, if you can do it, are the bomb.  They are almost half price, and when doing a theme park type of thing, much less crowded.

2.  In the thirteen years that we have lived in Wisconsin, we have never been to the Dells.  I know, I know, almost treason worthy.  Funny how life has moments of cross-over.  From the moment we walked into the Kalahari, I was transported back to our years living in Las Vegas.  The big, bold colors, attractions and a massive property, felt so familiar.  Such a throw back!

3.  I just finished reading a book called Joy for Beginners.  It was very enjoyable and I guess that you could say the theme of the book dealt with doing things outside of your comfort zone.  It must have been the lingering spirit of that book that lead me into doing a 3 story high ropes course yesterday, and quite successfully I might add.

4.  Boys will be boys in an arcade, but mom reigned supreme on the basketball shoot out, being the only one to make it to the bonus round.

5.  A location with a huge waterpark, theme park and bowling ally to name a few of the activities leaves very tired kids.


  1. I've never been to the Dells!
    Many people we know go there annually, and it's a popular place for our high school's senior class trip.
    Our kids don't get a Spring Break at school, though others in the area do.
    Totally agree with being mid-week tourists. Nice hoop action - way to go! :)

  2. the Dells ... such a pretty area, but it was just a drive through for me many many years ago. looks like ya'll had a wonderful break ... wonderful because of the tired kids! :D enjoy the weekend.



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