Friday, January 3, 2014

Random 5 Friday

The year is fresh and along with reflections of last year, I have been thinking about what is ahead.  I have not so much made resolutions this year, but I do have a handful of goals in mind.

1.   I lost a little of my photo mojo this last year, but with the brand new lens that I received for Christmas, I am back on task and ready to go.  I also think that I am going to begin a Instagram photo challenge.  A daily shot that is #365grateful. A little diary of a moment each day to be thankful for.

2.   I need to get better about scheduling posts, and utilizing drafts when blogging.  I have already started to put a few thoughts in draft and I must say, it is nice.  Why have I not done this before?   I am also eager to begin a new writing project with some friends.

3.   I read 36 books last year.  This year I want to up the ante and aim for 50.

4.  Nothing like the weather to drive a goal.  With high temperatures expected to below zero and waking up to -10 this morning,  our focus will easily be directed to organizing the basement.

5. Christmas has been taken down, and some simple winter white decor put up.  I love having a few days after travel, to spend with the family just hanging out and readying for whats next.

This post is part of Random 5 Friday, won't you join in?


  1. I am much the same about my camera. I got a bit tired of it in 2013, but now have a new lens and am back in the swing of things! Looking forward to seeing your new pics!

  2. I lost some of my photo mojo last year, too, and it's a goal /priority to get it back for me as well.

    I read just around 30 books in 2013. (some of them were LONG, I keep telling myself!)
    I'd like to reach for 50 this year, too. A friend, who borrows me lots of books, kind of like my personal library, reads 100 books a year!! I don't know how she does it. I would never sleep!

    I am glad so glad you commented on my blog, because it brought me over here & I love it! New follower. :)

  3. i am always amazed by folks that read so many books. i read but not that many. i find that it is tough to center myself & i get distracted more these days. wish you well on that goal. Happy Weekend! ( :

  4. Lovely photo. - Hope your Mojo is on the return, from that photo it looks like it is.
    Nothing like cold weather to keep one motivated to do indoor projects. - I need to read more too.

  5. I always think the same thing about writing posts as drafts. I think I just get to excited to publish them, but I am hoping to be better this year.



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