Sunday, December 1, 2013

December's White Rose

A white rose

 Taken during our trip to California, it is perfect for stepping off into the giving season of December.  



 Full of promise

Several years ago I gave myself a challenge, doing an entirely handmade holiday.  This year, I am reaching back to that sentiment.  I am mostly done with Christmas shopping or at least the planning.  Most gifts this year will either be homemade, sourced from local/regional artisans, or may be tools to aide others in doing more for themselves. 

The month is off like a flash with sports, meetings, holiday events and appointments filling each day this week.  I hope to enjoy every bit of this month and head into the new year feeling that I accomplished all that I needed to this year and start again with a clean slate.  Pure, crisp, and full of promise. 

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  1. I admire your pledge to have handmade things at Christmas.



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