Friday, November 8, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1.  Man this time change has thrown me for a loop!  I am thrilled that we have sunrise before 7 am but dark at 4:30 has me wanting to seek my pillow by 8pm! 

2.   With lots of wind and rain this week, we are headed into a weekend of massive leaf clean up and composting.  At least it is supposed to be beautiful out this weekend....our first chance of snow is as early as Tuesday!

3.  B started a master swim class with a friend last week, it has me feeling like I need to get myself back to the gym...maybe will help with added energy during the darker days of winter.

4.  This week, also inspired by the thoughts of being indoors more, I began to do a re-arrange and re-organize.  What is old is new again as I moved around pictures and knick knacks to give the house a fresh feel.

5.  Don't you just love this fall light?  I am so taken by the sunrise warming the ice crystals from last nights frost.

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  1. I think we are all feeling the same as you on these short days. I have to force myself to go out in the cold dreary days.

  2. we dropped back here too but our days are still quite long, 4:30 that is too early for darkness. These are lovely photos..the frost is so pretty even with what it suggests...

  3. I'm not an early morning riser so the sun is usually up by the time I'm awake. I'm retraining myself to stay up late now so I won't wake up so early.

    Such lovely photos. I do like the lighting in your last shot.

  4. From the comments on my blog today, everyone is having issues with DST this year.

    Beautiful bokeh in your shots today!



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