Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kismet, Karma & Kittens

When we were at the Alisal last week, there were two little barn kittens that found their way to my parents cabin and into Sidney's lap.

While we were eating our supper on the porch on the fourth, I began to hear a high pitched mew and told Sid that she should go investigate it.  There began hours upon hours of operation gain kitten's trust. 

In the last two days she spends hours at a time covered in an insect repellant smothered sweatshirt feeding, coaxing, and enjoying silent companionship with a baby no more than 6-8 weeks of age who is living in the wooded area around the homestead.

Her patience is simply amazing.  The hours spent seem to be paying off and strides are being made.

Maybe it is karma or some kitten kismet, that our possible new barn kitty looks so much like the ones that befriended Sid while we were on vacation.

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