Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is it July or May?

A garden post is not atypical this time of year.  So, what's for dinner?  Last night we had a stir fry of sugar snap peas, garlic scapes and baby arugula.  What is crazy unusual is that these are all items that we ate out of the garden the beginning of May last year. 

 Even our service-berry tree is just now fruiting.  The sweet fruit is abundant this year and only a few fat robins stealing it.  Curious, we typically have flocks of cedar waxwings dining on the tree, but not a one to be found this year.  I wonder if it is just too late in their migration, hopefully nothing has happened to them.  The late winter and cool spring/summer so far has everything running behind, yet looking extremely happy for the stage it is in, and quite delicious regardless.

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