Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Rogue Tulip

With our heavy spring snows were quickly followed by B's accident, our tractor is still snow ready, and not grass ready.  So until B is back in operation, we have had to hire someone to come out and do some mowing for us. 

They stopped by and mowed for us while we were at work on Thursday.  When I pulled in to our parking area after work, I took in the above site.  I was shocked!  I had no idea that we had a rogue tulip growing in the grass! 

It must have been hidden beneath the shagginess of the rapidly growing greenery, a little jewel in the rough, signs of the promise ahead.  What is touching to me is that the person who mowed, not only saw it, but mowed around it, leaving it as a little oasis in a sea of green. 

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  1. That is truly amazing! We have plants that have popped up out of nowhere in our gardens, mostly ferns, but once there was a cactus (very odd for the Southeast) that thrived for years until we said it was time to go because it was in such an odd place. We assume birds eat seeds than "drop" them off as presents. Now, how a tulip arrives as a gift is a real head scratcher, but nonetheless, a beautiful surprise!



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