Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Time.  That is what it is all about isn't it?  How we spend it.  Do we fill every hour to the gills or stop and savor them before they pass us by?  In today's world, every day seems to be an exercise in time management; how to be the most efficient, most effective, most well rounded.  Why is this?  To keep up with those around us?  To give into that fast speed by jumping into the flowing main stream? To make a name for oneself? 

Time.  Each moment is precious, yet sometimes we are so caught up in the pace of things that we forget to indulge in what is in front of us.  We all have the luxury of time if we live in each moment don't we?  Have you ever thought about how your actions may affect the space of those around you?  We should enjoy and respect the time we are given with each other, you never know when someone else's distracted moment may alter your time.

Time.  Mother nature, has it right.  The spring has been cool and wet, so planting is much delayed this year.  The time has been delayed, but she is not worried.  Over the weekend as the sun finally began to warm us we put these seeds in the ground.  In time, they will grow to sustain us.  Patience, and some TLC will see the garden through.  Shouldn't this philosophy be applied to how we all function in every day life? 

Have you ever been frustrated by someone who comes up behind you fast, tail gates for a period of time, then passes you in a hurry, only to be stopped just in front of you at a stop light?  Then they begin their frantic commute process again.  How much time do they ultimately save?  One minute?  Two?  Was the intensity worth it?  And, how did you as the recipient let it effect you?  Emotions can be contagious.  Did you get caught up in that other persons moment, or did you just let it go?  Now, can this be applied to how we conduct ourselves in the rest of life?  Work, kids, activities, social commitments.  Moving to the farm was in part a way to slow down that pace that runs at break neck speed beyond the cocoon of the homestead every day.  The best of both worlds, all reliant on how we spend our time.

Have you thought about how you spend your time?

**I am headed to Mexico with some girlfriends later this week.  I am looking forward to the time :)

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