Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White Smoke

One minute we have rain, the next light snow.  Each time I feel a flow of spring like writing, we get a dusting, and this morning does not seem to be an exception to that.  Yesterday afternoon there was that ethereal feel in the air.  As I was running errands it was predominantly blue sky overhead while snowing intermittent sparkling flakes.  It seemed to show the struggle of seasons, and left me wondering which one would win out the day.

The garden has been on our minds as we inventory seeds, make lists, and peek in our cold frames to find the hardiest of hardy still plugging along.  A few months ago I joined the planning committee for the Eco-Justice Center (check it out!)  It is a wonderful organization and we have attended events there for years.  As EJC continues to spread its wings, based on their mission of Community, Contemplation, Creativity, and Cultivation, it seemed to be a natural extension of our homestead goals to become a part of this group.  Next week there will be an equinox celebration complete with a blessing of the seeds.  Somehow this feels perfect as we celebrate both the birth of the new season and our fifteenth wedding anniversary, as the snow dissipates into the white smoke announcing spring.

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