Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful Moments ~ Basking in Sunbeams

Thankful Moments ~ Days 9 & 10

Favorite Moment:  With unseasonably warm weather yesterday and especially today, many of our moments are outside, enjoying the opportunity for fall clean-up without the need for coats. Or as in the photo below, summer attire versus clothing suitable for November 10th!  Something about the weather has been energizing and everyone has chipped in today to get lots of stuff done....with zero complaints!!  Even the bunnies are basking in sunbeams today. 

Most Surprising Moment:  Opening the hutch on the porch this morning to look for a caulk gun, I was surprised by the scurry of a little field mouse.  It made my heart race, and it was with a little (unnecessary)  trepidation that I went back into the cupboard a few minutes later.  However, as it turns out, this little mouse was quite social and came out to see me without scurrying away.  I wonder if he/she is from Nimh?

Taste Treats:  Tonight is taco night!  On top of that comfort, I think I may just whip up some homemade chocolate pudding.  This recipe from Good Houskeeping's 1927 Cookbook is an oldie, but goodie, and simply perfect!

Song of the Day: Heal Yourself by Ruthie Foster

Please join me for a month of Thankful Moments inspired by Thanksgiving Comes First.

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