Friday, October 5, 2012

Winter is Coming

As I look at this title, I think to myself, oh I could go so many places with this post!   However, I'm going to take the literal approach.  As today only reached a chilly 48 degrees here and we are under a frost advisory for this evening and watching for a freeze tomorrow night, this afternoon we have been busy harvesting what we can and preparing the more tolerant plants for what is to come. 

We have about 25 pounds of tomatillos, and a large bucket of green and partially ripened tomatoes that will hopefully be processed this weekend.  It has been a successful tomato season for us, what we didn't eat we canned, giving us the best stockpile that we have been able to store yet.  We should be able to get a few more jars from what we harvested today, and will try our hand at ripening the larger green tomatoes in the basement this year.  Maybe we will have ripe tomatoes come Thanksgiving. 

 The tomatillos are destined for salsa and we picked a handful of ancho chilies to go into that.  The rest of the peppers will join the brussel/kale plants and eggplants (of which we harvested eight), having been gently covered to see if we can further coax ripening once the danger of frost passes.  We have been very successful with the early preparing of beds for next season and covering them for the winter.  We will  continue this  ritual of tearing down beds as they finish and the final step will be when we plant the garlic for it's winter hibernation.  It arrived earlier this week and 6 1/2 pounds of it should set us up nicely for spring scapes.  But we won't discuss spring right now, the magic of fall is upon us, and of course, winter is coming.

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