Monday, October 15, 2012


What a difference a week makes.  The trees are becoming more bare by the day, yet the shedding of their leaves has its own beauty.  After a busy weekend with our clubs soccer tournament, complete with drenching rain both days, the puddles left behind in today's sunshine reflect the contrast between two falls.  The one of light and color, and the one of a grey cold rain, giving you the excuse to huddle under a blanket indoors (or on the soccer field depending on your situation :)  Both of these falls are saturated in their own hypnotic colors inspired by the suns new lower angle.

Suddenly all of the hostas have finished for the season.  It happened overnight, and not just to us. While out today I noticed everywhere the brilliant yellows of hosta leaves that have lain down for the season.

We are still eating predominantly from our garden harvests.  As we finish our fresh produce and have all but completed our canning,  I am spending lots of time researching new hearty soup recipes and baking up a storm.  This growing season has been so successful, and we are ready to finish buttoning up the garden and tending to the few remaining beds that will produce through November.  Even as I turn my energies indoors,  I am eager to watch and care for the cold weather greens as they mature so that we can enjoy them, a last fresh taste before we surrender to the seasons end.

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