Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Focus and Refocus

This last week has simply flown.  I know that traveling for a business conference for three days and then jumping back into life at home has everything to do with it, yet I was shocked to realize that I haven't posted in nearly a week!

As a hobbyist photographer I have found that everything in a shot can change subtly or dramatically just as a matter of focus.  Depending on the light, there can be variations in softness, depth and lovely little artifacts.  All of these things allow us to see the world around us in different and amazing ways.

B and I have found since beginning our homestead journey that trying new things that support our ultimate goals is a rich and diverse experience.  A wonderful trial and error that gives us a continuous education.  We learn what we can take on, push our limits, set goals, adjust goals and make game plans.  A constant focus and refocus.  There are different times for different things and nothing is black and white.  Activities and ideas all have their place on the ultimate slide rule adjusting with the ebb and flow of life.

Even if you aren't into taking pictures, I urge you to look through a lens and focus on something and then change it, focusing on something to the background or foreground of the item.  Or simply set your camera to auto and notice all of the little self adjustments.  Then think about how simple it is to fine tune, focus and refocus.

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