Monday, July 30, 2012

Fair Week

Fair week was comprised of very busy days, lots of driving, lots of waiting, and LOTs of fried junk food.  Overall it was a grand success and the kids, exhausted, yet happy are eagerly planning what they want to do next year.....already!

Last year was Sidney's big year, and our first year.  We learned a lot about the mechanics of fair and what was involved with having a farm animal to show.  This year, due to the loss of our show chickens, Sidney's animal involvement was limited, but Charles, having his first year of animals, was ramped up. 

So, how did they do??  Fantastic!  Sidney took two first place blue ribbons in her photography, a first place blue in her archery shoot, and a third place white in her eggs.  Charles took two first place blue ribbons in his vegetable category with an additional spotlight ribbon awarded to his carrots! He also received a first place blue in archery.  He took two second place red ribbons with one of his Mini-Rex (Polka) rabbits and his New Zealand (Meat) and a first place blue with his other Mini-Rex (Dot) as well as his showmanship.  Thanks to his generous grandparents bidding from afar, his meat rabbit sold at auction for $250!  This was our first year in a meat auction and it was quite exciting.  In our barn there were chickens, ducks, turkey's & rabbits and the prices went anywhere from $100-$1200 on each one!  I was stunned, and also thinking that a turkey or two for next year might just be a grand idea!

They are both eager to enter several additional projects into the 4-h class, and next year plan to both participate in the rabbit project.  Who knows what else we may have bit off by that point that they can participate in!

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