Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Our first morning in San Diego I was set on doing an early yoga on the beach class.  So set on it, that I tossed and turned all night at the prospect of it, then restlessly got up and arrived 40 minutes early.  Ha!  I really needed a yoga class huh?  Well being who I am, and not near patient enough to wait on a beautiful yet overcast California morning, I decided to blow it off and go for a walk on the beach.  The tide was way out, so far it seemed the wet exposed sand stretched for an eternity.  What I saw then was a symphony of life from under the sea.  Sand dollars had washed along the shore and were scooting furiously back to their homes.  Did you know that sand dollars are purple when they are alive and kicking?  They look like little urchins on the bottom and are very efficient travelers.  I posted a sneak peek here.  I have a couple other photos of these amazing little things, but they deserve their own post.

Since I was headed to yoga and not intending on beach-combing, I only had my phone to capture them.  Then I began to think, that if I hurry I can get B and the kids down before the tide comes in.  So upstairs I went (coffee in hand) and all I had to mention was sand dollars and the kids bolted up from what seemed a dead sleep.  Two minutes later we were out the door and headed back down.  We slowly walked the beach discovering little treasures.   We continued this each morning, followed by a leisurely breakfast ocean side and collected tons of amazing shells and empty sand dollars.  Perfect family mornings.

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