Saturday, April 28, 2012


114:366 Comb starts on the feed bag
The last couple of weeks have flown by. Days have been filled with cherished moments and subtle milestones.

 ** After six years of being Sidney's girl scout leader, we had our last formal meeting. It was a great experience, and I'm so glad to have worked with our 23 girls and watched them grow. I can say with the exception of our final farewell camping trip this summer, that I have retired.

 ** my little bloggy space turned four, it's so hard to believe!  The time has flown and I have found so many wonderful souls!

 ** I'm awed by our bees even just one week in. B removed the queen cage, and temporary feeding bag from their transition time. They are well into making comb and even had some started on the feeding bag. It is fascinating to watch them work and their social order. Just like when I learned about all of the sayings regarding chickens and how true they are, I'm seeing that 'busy as a bee' is an understatement!

 ** Charles' meat rabbit for fair has doubled in size in as many weeks!

** We are enjoying loads of salads with spinach that is amazingly sweet and radish thinnings. You know it's spring when you can forage for ramps and enjoy them in an omelet made from your own eggs, a 100% farm meal.

 ** B's mom and sister are visiting and we're having a great time, so I'm headed back to family time... As a closing thought I'll leave you with my Charles-ism of the week "my dance moves are so awesome, they speak!"

Happy Weekend!

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