Monday, March 19, 2012

And The Kale Has Returned

 What is this?  Just when we dream at night of sowing seeds, we receive a week of unseasonably warm weather, and the extended forecast promises more of the same.  Not that it will not change, but after this amazingly warm winter, I allow myself to grin in contemplation. 

We spent a little time weeding in the garden tonight.  Yes weeding!  It is hard to believe.  Even harder?  Well the last minute greens that we harvested, late last fall, down to their stumps and left in the ground to deal with during our spring preparations......They. Are. All. Growing. Again!

So though I have not voiced it, in fear of being a jinx to myself.....I declare this garden season open!!  Yes, yes, we may get an errant March snow, but it promises to melt immediately and I'm OK with that!  I am so happy that the spontaneous greens have been re-awakened, and the kale has returned!
 Kale Returning

Salad Greens & Spinach 
Rhubarb Crowning

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