Friday, January 27, 2012

Gears Turning

27:366 Gears
Today I followed through and began to get the gears turning again.  A few years back I was quite regular with going to the gym and staying in shape.  That momentum halted when I had my gallbladder out.  So,  when I finally did get back to they gym, I was really excited.  That first work out felt really good, then after I'd changed and gotten in the car is when I saw the missed call from our friend Shane.  It was moments after that that I found out Brian had been hit by a car while on his lunchtime ride.

Today was the first time since that happened two and a half years ago, that I've been in the gym.  I realized when I was on my way that B was once again out on an afternoon ride.  That gave me an uneasy feeling, but in the end I beat the demon.  Not that that was the only reason that I hadn't been back, I have had plenty of excuses, I assure you!  It was just a lingering nightmare memory, that I guess needed to be exorcised.  I had forgotten how energized I feel after working out!  B is home safe and sound from his ride, and I'm ready to commit (have to be, my Christmas gift was cold weather cycling gear)!  I'm glad to know that getting these gears turning once again was just like riding a bike, your body seems to have a good memory.  Have you gotten your gears turning yet in 2012?  Happy Friday

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