Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspiration Mojo

Today turned out to be one of those days.  The first day back from vacation and there was a lot of catching up to do at work, but it all went smoothly!  This fall has been busy, happy, but seemed to be lacking a little bit of that inspiration that drives me to look at things and makes me want to create.  Don't get me wrong, I have been productive, but just not quite feeling it.

The tide really turned when I was driving the kids home from school tonight.  Like so many other's this fall, the sunset quickly put on a show, changing every second as it reached it's twilight crescendo.  What was different about this one?  I am not sure, the frosty and very windy air, that makes you quicken your step gave it a breathless feel.  Giving me the warmth that winter brings to your soul as you rush in the door at home to ward off the cold.  I snapped a number of shots and I was taken by each one. 

Then I hurried into the house to put together the Norwex order that arrived from one of my shows.  That done, went straight into making cookie dough for a cookie exchange that I am going to on Thursday.  Each dough was decadent and outrageously good raw, I'll share more about them once they are cooked tomorrow!  I then busied myself with a simple pasta sauce all made from garden items that we are storing...(aside, I have no idea why I decided to run a scene from American Horror through my head when I went into the root cellar tonight, but I sure beat feeted it out of there)!  As dinner is simmering away, I sit with a glass of wine and plug in the camera to see if any of the shots look as good SOOC as they did through the view finder.  I asked B to come over and check out the sunset from tonight.  His first comment was wow, so striped and with the deep blue, that looks like the flag.  What do you think??

I think I am getting my inspiration mojo back!

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  1. Having trouble leaving a comment for some reason, but that sunset was worth trying again. I echo the 'wow'!



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